Real Life . Real Foods . Sustainable Results

Over the years we have all watched fad diets come and go.  When the fads have failed and people want something that works and is SUSTAINABLE they turn to me.

As a Master Nutrition Coach, I help clients make small, sustainable habit-based lifestyle changes and ditch dieting!  In each of my programs, I help clients transform their lives by losing weight, building strength and developing a healthy relationship with food through expert habit coaching, ongoing support, and guided mentorship!

I approach coaching by listening to YOUR needs and  goals YOU would like to accomplish.  I then work, together, with YOU to create a CUSTOMIZED habit-based nutrition and/or training program based on YOUR goals and lifestyle which makes the dieting process more enjoyable.  Finally!  A nutrition/fitness coach that gets it and cares about YOUR habits, lifestyle and goals.  

I coach you right through your journey and help with the inevitable roadblocks that will happen along the way.  

Science & Experience

What Makes Bari-Fit Unique?

Programs custom-tailored to the individual's metabolism, surgery type, hormonal profile, sugar tolerance, body structure, habits and lifestyle.
Body & Mind
Programs focus on four specific elements: Mental Training, Nutrition, Cardio Training, and Resistance Training.
Enjoy eating real foods and maintaining a balanced lifestyle with little product supplementation. In our programs we focus on boundaries not restrictions.
Learn the necessary tools to plan, prepare and commit to heathy daily habits for long-term weight-loss success.
The only way you will get lean and stay lean is to choose new behaviors, develop new habits, and maintain them for life.
You do not have to do this alone! Support and accountabaility is a major key to motivation and long-term success.




 Our Re-Focus and Succeed Program is a habit-based program focused 100% on sustainability.    




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Success Stories


Tosha S.
"Strive for Progress...Not Perfection
My motto with Bari-Fit focuses on reality…..we live real lives, we need to learn to eat real food and have effective workouts that focus on balance and sustainability for life. This is truly the only way to success….I promise!
Stacey G.
"She Believed She Could...So She Did"
I have been able to achieve things I never thought possible with the guidance of Tosha and Bari-Fit.
Suzan D.
"If It Doesn't Challenge You...It Doesn't Change You"
Why do this alone and have to guess when you can have an awesome team of coaches?