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Over the years we have watched fad diets come and go.  When the fads have failed and people want something that works and is SUSTAINABLE they turn to us. Coaches at Bari-Fit help bariatric clients transform their lives through expert coaching, ongoing support, and guided mentorship from coaches who have been exactly where you are!

Our programs cover up to four crucial elements: Mental Training, Nutrition, Cardio Training and Resistance Training.  We have designed our programs to be very simple, but do not underestimate their power.  Almost everyone is missing at least 1,2,3, or even all 4 of these crucial elements.  Only when all four of these are in place will you fully maximize your full potential at your new lifestyle.

Our Re-Focus and Succeed Program is amazing!  It is a HABIT-BASED program that is 100% focused on SUSTAINABILITY.  This program was created for individuals that are looking for a realistic approach to taking control of their weight loss journey either right from the beginning or for ones that need to get back on track.  NO FADS, NO LIQUID DIETS, NO POUCH RESETS, NO CRASH DIETING and NO MORE DIET HOPPING!  That is right, we are simply enjoying eating REAL FOOD with little product supplementation and are experiencing AMAZING results because of it!

In our Private Coaching Program we focus on all four crucial elements.  We approach coaching by listening to our client’s needs and their goals they would like to accomplish.  We then work, together, with the client to create a CUSTOMIZED nutrition and training program based on their goals and lifestyle.  We coach client’s right through their journey and help with the inevitable roadblocks that will happen along the way.  


Science & Experience

Why Us?

Our program is custom-tailored to the individual's metabolism, surgery type, hormonal profile, sugar tolerance, and body structure by a certified coach who has been exactly where you are!
Body & Mind
We focus on four specific elements: Mental Training, Nutrition, Cardio Training, and Resistance Training. Only when all four of these are in place will you fully maximize your full potential at your new lifestyle!
Enjoy eating real foods and maintaining a balanced lifestyle with little product supplementation. Cutting calories too much and banishing entire food groups may cause you to not be getting enough vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, or fiber.
Learn the tools necessary to plan, prepare and commit to healthy daily habits, build strength, have energy, be disciplined, and gain self-confidence from certified coaches and industry leaders.
The only way you will get lean and stay lean is to choose new behaviors, develop new habits, and maintain them for life.
You do not have to do this alone! Support and accountabaility is a major key to motivation and long-term success.






per month

This membership is based on our successful bariatric eating structure which focuses on behavior modification.  It is designed for those struggling to lose weight, those who have gained weight or for those who want to learn our successful bariatric lifestyle and keep the weight off for good!  Expect personal attention from our certified bariatric coaching staff who will help guide you on your journey in our private Facebook accountability group.  From an accountability standpoint you will have two weight check-ins per month with Bari-Fit's founder, Tosha Stafford, who is a certified Master Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer to ensure you are on track to reaching your goals.  In addition, you will have access to the program's entire website where you can find bariatric recipes with nutritional information, our recipe meal planner for you to use to plan your meals for the week, meal plans based on our sustainable bariatric eating structure tested with hundred of successful client's, our bariatric macronutrient calculator where you can calculate your ideal protein, fat and carbohydrate requirement's with a coach available to approve the numbers or help to determine them, our target heart rate calculator and much more!  Finally, as a loyal client you will receive a 5% discount and free shipping on all supplements and merchandise.  
*Does not include access to our mobile app.
*Memberships are limited to 200 hurry to secure your spot today!




per month

Do you need more one-to-one support?  Join our private coaching program where you will work one-to-one with your certified nutrition/fitness coach on your customized nutrition and fitness plan that is based on your goals and lifestyle!  Get unlimited access to our client only mobile application where you will receive your personal workout plan, exercise demos, the ability to track workouts, body stats and progress pictures.  Check-in weekly with your coach who will monitor your progression and accountability to the program and adjust as needed, thus keeping you on track to meet/exceed your goals!  In addition, as a loyal client you will receive a 5% discount and free shipping on all supplements and merchandise.  
*This program also includes access to all the website content




Personal 20 minute phone consultation with Tosha to discuss your goals and how our programs can help!

Meet Our Team



Founder and Coach



Tosha Stafford
"Strive for Progress...Not Perfection
My motto with Bari-Fit is…..we live real lives, eat real food, and have effective workouts by focusing on balance and sustainability for life.
Stacey G.
"She Believed She Could...So She Did"
I have been able to achieve things I never thought possible with the guidance of Tosha and Bari-Fit.
Suzan D.
"If It Doesn't Challenge You...It Doesn't Change You"
Why do this alone and have to guess when you can have an awesome team of coaches?

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