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Re-Focus and Succeed Guide

"I am loving the structure that Tosha put together. It is more enjoyable than a shake and it is a much more realistic approach at day to day living" ~ Becky

"I am on day 8 of the Re-Focus and have lost 4 pounds and made it to the gym 3 times last week and on par for 4 times this week! One day at a time, right?" ~ Samantha

"Just thinking and talking about this Re-Focus, I have broken through a self-inflicted plateau…I am down 2 pounds already. Just to show (consistent) FOCUS = SUCCESS." ~ Sonja

"I can't believe I have already lost 5 pounds. Strictly sticking to the plan…very simple eating. Structured eating is a must for me!" ~ Ann

"Knowing you has taken the stress away post op….from private coaching to all the tools you offer and now this amazing new program to keep me on track. I never have to worry about going back to where I came from. I tell every bari I know about Bari-Fit." ~ Amy

"Third challenge in and I have lost 31 pounds!!." ~ Kim