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Do not guess on what your macronutrient goals should be!
I will calculate your calories, protein, carbohydrate and fat goals needed to lose weight.

Back on Track - April 2023

Let's Win Against Regain Together 💖

Here's What You Can Expect From My Back on Track 21-Day Challenge:

✅  Eating Structure and Food List: I will work with you to create a personalized plan that is tailored to your individual needs and goals. I will provide you with guidance and support every step of the way.

✅  Healthy Habit-Forming Activities: We'll provide you with a list of healthy habit-forming activities to incorporate into your daily routine. This can include things like drinking more water, getting more sleep, or incorporating more physical activity into your day.

✅  Daily Motivation: I will provide you with daily motivation to keep you on track and help you stay committed to your goals. I will also provide you with tips and tricks to help you stay motivated and avoid common pitfalls.

✅  Accountability: I will hold you accountable and check in with you regularly to help you stay on track. We'll celebrate your successes and help you overcome any obstacles that may arise.

✅  Community Support: You'll be part of a community of people who are all working towards the same goal. You'll be able to share your successes, ask for advice, and get support when you need it.