Dates: June 4th - 25th

Payment Details

  • One payment only per challenge.  
  • Payment will be deducted from your credit card account automatically and you'll be emailed a receipt.  
  • Note:  There is no coupon code unless you are in a currently enrolled a Back on Track  Challenge, The Winner's Circle All-Inclusive Membership or Private Coaching.  


What's Included:

Here's What You Can Expect From The Back on Track 21-Day Challenge: 🎉

🥩 Eating Structure and Food List: Say goodbye to confusion about what to eat. Our expertly crafted eating structure and comprehensive food list will provide you with clear guidance and support throughout the challenge. You'll never question how you should be eating!

💖 Healthy Habit-Forming Activities: We believe in the power of habits. That's why we'll provide you with a list of healthy habit-forming activities that seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. Transform your habits, transform your life!

🔥 Daily Motivation: Stay motivated and committed to your goals with our daily dose of inspiration. We'll provide you with the motivation you need to overcome challenges and stay on track. Together, we'll keep the fire burning within you!

🙌 Accountability and Support: Our dedicated team will hold you accountable and check in with you regularly. Celebrate your successes, overcome obstacles, and receive personalized support throughout the challenge. You're never alone on this journey!

👥 Community Connection: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your aspirations and goals. Our community will provide you with the support, encouragement, and camaraderie you need to stay motivated and inspired. Together, we're stronger!

What Happens Next?

After you enter your payment details, you'll be taken to a thank you page with further instructions.


What People Are Saying:

Down 15 pounds since starting the March 2023 challenge! I'm keeping going with the structure, daily action plans, and meal prep till we start back up in April. I have not been hungry. I'm eating real food (most of which I already had in my pantry/freezer) except fresh foods, and I have more energy than I have had in over a year!

Lisa M.

I've lost 7 pounds in the March 2023 challenge. That's 7 pounds in 3 weeks. This challenge digs deep into your thoughts and you start retraining your thinking about food. That is what stands out between this program and others.

Stephanie G.

Thanks to Tosha and the March 2023 challenge I've lost 6.9 of the 16.9 pounds of regain I had left. That is 30 pounds of regain gone and I am signed up for the April challenge. I will keep joining challenges until I'm back at goal.

Catherine A.

$49.00 USD

Do not guess on what your macronutrient goals should be! I will custom calculate your calories, protein, fats and carbohydrate goals needed to lose weight based on your preferences and needs ($47 add-on).