What is Bari-Fit Nutrition and Fitness Coaching?

Bari-Fit is a nutrition and fitness coaching program designed for pre and post op bariatric clients.  The program is designed to guide clients through dramatic – yet sustainable – changes in their eating and exercise habits with the help from an expert bariatric coach, who is also a bariatric patient.  To date, we have tested it with hundreds of clients, who have transformed their bodies and health in amazing ways.

As bariatric patients and coaches, we seen dozens of diet and exercise fads come and go.  This is the reason we do not follow fads.  Instead, we have carved our own path, testing, and are continuously updating our methods.

We specialize in taking complex nutritional problems and breaking them down into small, strategic daily practices – designed to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Bari-Fit Nutrition and Fitness Coaching includes:

  • A structured nutrition and fitness program to help keep you consistent
  • An expert coach, who is also a bariatric patient, to give you feedback, make adjustments to your program, and help keep you accountable.
  • Strategic daily nutrition practices the fit into your lifestyle.
  • Expertly-designed training programs, customized to your skill level, goals, and time available.

Who is Bari-Fit Nutrition and Fitness Coaching for?

Bari-Fit Nutrition and Fitness Coaching is for men and women who want to get in the best shape of their lives – for the rest of their lives.  It is for people with busy schedules who want personal accountability, a structured nutrition program to follow, and a coach to help keep them consistent and on track.  The main focus of the program is to strategically help you improve your eating and exercise habits –  all within context of real life.  We do not give you a crazy diet or exercise program to follow; instead we help our clients build habits they need for sustainable results.

Will Bari-Fit Nutrition and Fitness Coaching work for me?

If you follow our recommendations and stick with us then YES you will get results!  But you have to commit to making small strategic changes in your life.  It takes hard work, time and dedication.  We are confident we can help you and once you make the commitment to get in better shape we will be with you every step of the way.

Who are you and what makes you qualified to coach?

I am Tosha Stafford, founder of Bari-FIt.  I have devoted the last 3 years to making health and fitness something that is achievable and attainable for every bariatric client.  Here are Bari-Fit Nutrition and Fitness Coaching, we have a world-class coaching team who are all bariatric patients and all have multiple nutrition/fitness certifications.

When people want the best, they work with us.  Lots of people consider us the experts in bariatric nutrition coaching.  That’s a BIG responsibility, and we do not take it lightly.

Do you give me a meal plan?

Our packages do not include meal plans, but can be purchased separate.  This means you get to choose – with the help of your coach – which foods are best for you, when to eat those foods, and how much to eat of them.

Why are you offering this type of coaching?

Mentors and coaches have made all the difference in my life.  And that is why I developed the Bari-Fit Nutrition ad Fitness coaching program.  We are here to help you make meaningful and sustainable changes in your life.  

Why coaching? Can I pick up a diet book? Or read some online articles for free?

Most transformative change happens though a real relationship with another human being – usually a coach or mentor.  Sure, you can try another diet book or read a few more articles, especially if you love thinking about exercise and nutrition.  If you get great results with those tools, we applaud you.  Diet and fitness books rarely help us make dramatic, consistent changes in our lives.  They get you all fired up about a “new" way of doing things….which lasts a few days.  Then you are back to where you were before.

But if your having trouble putting what you know into action, Bari-Fit Nutrition and Fitness Coaching might be for you.  When we want to improve ourselves, the only way to of it is to change one thing at a time.  

Thats why coaching (being led and guided by someone a little further along in the weight loss surgery journey that you) and social support (being surrounded and encouraged by like-minded people) are so important.

We deliver coaching, social support, and a process that encourages real change for sustainable results.

I am just out of surgery with a lot of weight to lose. Will this work for me?

Yes.  We have worked with lots of people who are new to exercise and healthy eating.

Remember we were all beginners at some point.

I am NOT a beginner. Will Bari-Fit Nutrition and Fitness Coaching work for me?

Yes.  The interactions you have with your coach are tailored to your needs and goals – it’s NOT a “one size fits all" program.  We take care of the nutrition and exercise programming so you can focus on improving parts of your lives.

What if I do not have much weight to lose but I want to live a healthier lifestyle?

With Bari-Fit Nutrition and Fitness Coaching you will learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and develop a new, healthier relationship with food.  Which is something fewer than 5 percent of the population know how to do.

What if I am interested in building muscle?

We will customize a nutrition and exercise program specially for you and your goals.

Is this program just for younger people?

No, we have worked with clients of all ages.

Will I have to spend lots of money on food and supplements?

When it comes to food, you will enjoy real food.  Most clients tend to save money as they make more informed decisions.  As for supplements, we may recommend a few based on your unique needs and goals.

Will I need to join a gym?

You do not need to join a gym to have success in our program.  All exercises can be performed in the gym or at home.

I live in a foreign in country, can I still be part of your program?

Of course.  We work with clients all over the world.

I like to (crossfit, run, bike, swim, do group exercises, etc). Will I still be able to do this in your program?

Of course.  Keep doing what you love!  The whole point of Bari-Fit Nutrition and Fitness Coaching is to learn how to eat and exercise in a way that you love and sustainable in your life

I follow a special diet, can I still follow your program?

Absolutely!  The nutrition habits your coach will guide you through are easily customizable.  All you have to do is let your coach know your dietary preferences/restrictions are and they will devise a plan for your needs.

What are other people saying about Bari-Fit Nutrition and Fitness Coaching?

The positive feedback has been overwhelming.  For real client feedback, uncensored, unfiltered, and shared please join the official FaceBook group and follow the business Facebook page.

What are your Terms of Service and Disclaimers?

Please refer to our terms of service and disclaimer to view our detailed explanation of each.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please login into your account, go to dashboard then subscriptions to cancel.

Once you have purchased the Re-Focus and Succeed Membership, Nutrition Coaching and Accountability or Private Coaching Program your membership will automatically be renewed and you will be billed every 30 days if not cancelled by that date.  If you fail to cancel your membership by the renewal date no refund will be given and cancellation will take place the next month.  If cancelled, you will be removed from the program, website, mobile app (if applicable) and any social media groups the day your membership expires.

Note: Bari-Fit runs monthly challenges as part of the Re-Focus and Succeed Membership, this means your cancellation may disrupt the completion of a monthly challenge depending on your membership expiration after your cancellation request.

If you purchase the Nutrition and Fitness Plan, no refunds are offered.

I need help, who do I contact?

Please email Tosha personally at tosha@barifit.com