We are all unique individuals with different strengths, weaknesses, wants and needs.  Many feel lost during their journey; this is why we recognize the need for the right guidance, a solid support system, a community of like-minded peers, and a plan of action that is individualized to your needs.

Bari-Fit is a habit-based coaching program that focuses on weight-loss sustainability for clients.  We cater to the more serious bariatric client who wants to take complete control of their nutrition and fitness goals.  Bari-Fit’s philosophy focuses on real life, real foods, and effective workouts for sustainable results.


Bari-Fit is owned and operated by Master Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer Tosha Stafford, who had weight-loss surgery in 2013 and has maintained 130 pound weight-loss.  In addition, her team of trainers Denise Groves and Jessica Smith  are certified in Sports and Fitness Nutrition from ISSA and Exercise Nutrition from Precision Nutrition and will also be part of your support system as both have had bariatric surgery and have been exactly where you are!


Since starting the company, giving back to the bariatric community in which we operate has been a passion.  The Bari-Fit “pantry” was established to help those that cannot afford the necessary supplements after weight loss surgery.



Founder and Coach


Tosha's Specialist in Sports Nutrition Certification 2015

Tosha's Fitness Trainer Certification 2015

Tosha's Exercise Nutrition Certification 2016

Tosha's Master Coach Certification 2017

Tosha's Back on Track Facilitator Certification 2017

Denise's Specialist in Sports Nutrition Certification 2016

Denise Exercise Nutrition Certification 2016