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  • Specialist in Sports Nutrition by International Sports Sciences Association
  • Certified in Exercise Nutrition by Precision Nutrition


Childhood Obesity

Learned Early to Eat Emotions

My name is Jessica Smith and I am a 27 year old weight loss surgery patient. All of my life I have been overweight, unhealthy eating patterns coupled with a lack of activity led to severe childhood obesity that continued on into adulthood. I had anything but the normal upbringing, and learned early on that I could eat away my feelings. Food was often the only comfort I had during a tumultuous childhood and I learned to rely on it for happiness and to help battle depression. As I dealt with multiple family issues growing up my addiction to food became worse and binges became very normal for me. The only thing I looked forward to daily was my alone time where I would eat whatever I could get my hands on. 

By the age of 13 I weighed in at over 300lbs. I ended up trying a few diets in my teens and losing some weight, only to gain several back, etc.

Teen Years

Continued on a Destructive Path

At the age of 19 I met my significant other and continued on with my self-destructive eating habits. When I became pregnant with my first child I gained a whopping 80lbs, putting me at my heaviest of 348lbs. I quickly had 3 children back to back and lost very little weight in-between.

Bariatric Surgery

Time to Change My Life

After my third, and last, daughter was born I finally reached a breaking point with my weight and decided to pursue weight loss surgery. At seven months post-partum I scheduled vertical sleeve surgery in Mexicali, Mexico. The first few months I didn’t exercise, and hadn’t really planned on it. At about 4 months out I began attending a local gym and fell in love with the endorphin release I felt after completing a routine. I felt a sense of empowerment that I had never felt previously. Since then I have found a love for running as well as weightlifting. I enjoy hiking, distance running, weight lifting, and have recently taken up spinning. Along with my high activity level, and three children, my nutrition has to be adequate. The Bari-fit approach to nutrition has helped me to achieve a body I never thought possible, and helped me to overcome the “good” and “bad” food approach to dieting. Freeing myself from those dietary chains and learning what good nutrition is and can do for the body has had a profound effect on my food addiction as well. I am certified in both Fitness Nutrition from ISSA and Level 1 certified by Precision Nutrition.