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Re-Focus and Succeed Program

In the past year, we’ve had many amazing individuals go through our Re-Focus and Succeed Program and Monthly Challenges, and many of them have stuck to the plan… a YEAR later!

Why? Because it works, AND because it’s a plan that’s actually realistic to stick with!

I have created this program for individuals that are looking a realistic approach to taking control of their weight loss journey and want sustainability.  NO FADS, NO LIQUID DIETS, NO POUCH RESETS and NO CRASH DIETING!

That’s right, we’re simply eating differently….by eating REAL foods, adhering to an eating structure, and experiencing amazing results because of it.  See what people are saying…

“This program is for surgical weight loss patients.  The lady running it (Tosha) is a weight-loss surgery patient and body builder.  She is absolutely phenomenal and knows what the heck she is talking about.  I have lost 6 pounds in less than a week sticking to her plan!" ~ Ann

“I am loving this structure Tosha put together.  It is more enjoyable than a shake and it is a much more realistic approach at day to day living!" ~ Becky

“The Re-Focus program is the BOMB…..10 pounds of 55 regain lost!" ~ Elaine

“Been doing this for 1 1/2 weeks down 6 pounds!" ~ Sheri

“Week 1 in the books….down 7.2 pounds!" ~ Tanya

“Five months down and 58.8 pounds lost!" ~ Kim

AND the best part of all… the food we eat isn’t boring!  Enjoy eating real foods and maintaining a balanced lifestyle with little product supplementation.  Cutting calories too much and banishing entire foods groups may cause you to not be getting enough vitmans, minerals, essential fatty acids or fiber!

This program is exactly what I would have wanted when I started  because of two key factors.

#2 – A PLAN 

What do I mean by ACCOUNTABILITY?

Just simply reading a few recipes online will not change the way you eat nor will following the latest diet craze.

You require a system of support to keep yourself committed to your new bariatric lifestyle.

And when it comes to a PLAN, you can not simply guess your way to success.
(I tried, it doesn’t work that is what got me nutrient deficient!)

In fact, it’s taken me over 3 years to figure out the exact Bariatric Plan that you can easily follow for success.
(One you will stick to, rather than being bored from it after a few weeks or resorting to fad dieting and pouch resets)

I have found that in order for my Re-Focus and Succeed Program to have an affect on your success you require:

1. A proven successful EATING STRUCTURE based on real foods
2. POSITIVE Peer Pressure and Support!
3. A LEADER AND COACH to show you how, hold you accountable, and answer your questions with weekly support calls!  In addition,  enjoy having access to LESSONS on how to change your habits/behaviors for long-term success!  Don’t worry…you can do these lessons at your own pace.

Remember, I walk the same path as you all!

In addition, learn the tools necessary to plan, prepare and commit to healthy daily habits, build strength, have energy, be disciplined, and gain self-confidence!

And that is exactly why this works!