Re-Focus and Succeed Membership – Monthly

$49.95 / month with a 31-day free trial and a $149.95 sign-up fee


Our Re-Focus and Succeed Membership gives you the essential resources you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Lets face it, it takes 28 days to create a behavior and on-going support to maintain that behavior.  Whether you are doing into your program fresh out of surgery, have not met your goal weight or have re-gained the KEY to any successful program is behavior modification which is why we adhere to the Re-Focus and Succeed structure.  In this program you gain access to all our exclusive content and secrets including:

    • Access to the Re-Focus and Succeed Program lead personally by Tosha 
      • Your first 30 days will be focused all on YOU and developing healthy behaviors for life.
        • Beginning of Week 1: You will receive a 30 minute on-boarding call with Tosha.  She will walk your through the eating structure and lessons with habits to focus on each week!
        • End of Week 2:  30 minute phone with Tosha to discuss progress and weigh-in
        • End of Week 4: 30 minute phone call with Tosha to discuss progress, weigh-in, set custom macros and exercise plan.
        • Week 5 and Beyond: Continue with the Re-Focus and Succeed Membership for $49.95/month where you will have access to certified nutrition and fitness coaches, daily accountability, 2 weigh-ins per month and a ton of support OR come into our Private Coaching Program and work one-to-one with one of our certified nutrition and fitness coach on your personal goals!
    • Enjoy access to the Bari-Fit website where you will have access to:
      • Custom Health Calculators
      • Tutorial on how to set your protein, fats and carb goals as you progress in our Re-Rofocus and Succeed Program
      • Tutorials on how to set your target heart rate for cardio
      • Resistance Training Plans and Videos
      • Exclusive Recipes (Updated Weekly)
      • Custom Recipe Meal Planner
        • Grocery List Builder
        • Personal Recipe Box
      • Member Only Discounts on Supplements and Merchandise
      • Educational Blog


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